Current Projects

Werther Ensemble


The Werther Ensemble was formed at the 2013 Whittington International Chamber Music festival where they played Brahms’s piano quartet no. 3 in C minor, amongst other Brahms works. The work is sometimes called the ‘Werther Quartet’, hence the ensemble’s name. The Werther Ensemble is comprised of London-based musicians of the larger Leondari Ensemble. The musicians are Simon Callaghan (piano), Jamie Campbell (violin), Hannah Strijbos (viola), and James Barralet.

In 2013/2014, the Werther Ensemble continues their Brahms focus with a series of five concerts featuring only chamber music by Brahms at the Conway Hall in London, and also at St John Smith Square, London. The Werther are joined by Nicolas Fleury (horn) and Nathaniel Anderson-Frank (violin).

The Werther Ensemble will be the featured ensemble at the 2014 Whittington International Chamber Music Festival, which will focus exclusively on the chamber music of Franz Schubert.